Entertainment Packages

This is a selection of our entertainment packages, but we have a host of other ideas so drop us an email if you can’t find the perfect package for you. Click on the box to find out more information!

Concert party Packages

Looking for the Complete Party Package with:
Hosting, Party Program, and Entertainment all rolled into one?
Look no further!
Our Concert Party Packages have everything you need!

Dynamic Concerts

Already have a host?
Just looking for Interactive Dancing, Singing, and Awesome Concerts– these packages are just what you’re looking for to bring excitement to your event!

Enchanting Fantasies

Bring your favourite fairy tale characters to life and invite them to perform for your celebration!

Fan Favorite Packages

All Your Favorite Party Packages!
Invite Awesome Characters from your favorite Games, Movies, Shows,
Cartoons and the like!

All packages are inclusive of a Character Host, Party Program,
Entertainment and More!